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Daiwa Health Development Plasmanex 1 - 60 Vegetable Capsules

Daiwa Health Development's Plasmanex1 has been shown to support healthy circulation and blood flow. Daiwa Health Development's Plasmanex1 contains 250 mg per serving of Bacillopeptidase F Proprietary Blend (BFPB), a purified filtrate of bacillus subtilis natto culture.

Bacilliopeptidase F Proprietary Blend (BFPB) - An Effective Coagulation Modulator

  1. May reduce the unchecked production of PAL-1, Balancing the blood flow dynamics of PAL-1 and t-PA
  2. Retarding thrombosis in abnormal coagulation states only
  3. Decreasing blood viscosity through reduction of fibrinogen

What is Plasmanex1?
Plasmanex1 is a dietary supplement shown to promote and support healthy blood circulation. The active ingredient of Plasmanex1 is Bacillopeptidase F Proprietary Blend (BFPB). The Blend contains Bacillopeptidase F; a natural soy peptide enzyme extracted by using a patented fermentation production process.

What is the advantage of a normal blood flow?
Blood circulates throughout the body to transport nutrients and oxygen to all the cells and carries away waste products. Without access to the blood, cells and body tissues are deprived of nutrients and oxygen and tend to die. Maintaining healthy blood circulation and keeping its components circulating efficiently is vital for the nutrient process and oxygenation.

What is the importance of healthy blood circulation?
Healthy circulation in the vessels can help prevent blood clots. Disease states impacted by clots include heart attacks, cerebral infarction (stroke) and pulmonary thromboembolism (blood clots to the lung). Lifestyle factors such as obesity, aging, dehydration, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease and conditions acerbated by cancer, and long distance and frequent travel, are contributing factors to blood clot formation. Plasmanex1 helps maintain and support optimum blood circulation.

Why does blood clot formation increase with age, overweight, and faulty metabolism?
Our body produces plasmin and related products which maintain enzymes with the ability to break up clots by dissolving fibrin, the material that forms blood clots and eventually entangled red cells and platelets to form the clot. As we age, the body produces less plasmin while fibrinogen and fibrin, levels increase. Therefore, the higher the level of fibrinogen, the greater the possibility of developing blood clots. Furthermore, the older we get the more clotting and the less clot busting ability we have. Increased blood clot formation in millions of Americans each year enhances heart attacks, strokes and limb loss that are a direct or indirect result from unnecessary blood clots, leading to death or permanent disability. Being overweight is an indication of faulty metabolism. Faulty metabolism that results in high triglyceride and low HDL levels is considered to be a major cause of arteriosclerosis. 
How does fibrin effect coagulation?
Blood clotting occurs when the blood clotting enzyme, thrombin, breaks down a protein called fibrinogen to create a fibrous material called fibrin. Fibrin creates a web that traps white and red blood cells with platelets and results in clotting. Excessive thrombin or fibrinogen may result in higher levels of fibrin. 

What are some of the factors of blood coagulation?
Blood coagulation is a complex process. There are many factors contributing to normal blood coagulation. It is important to keep these factors in balance to avoid disorders of the coagulation system which can lead to increased risk of bleeding and/or excessive clotting. Excessive clotting, called thrombosis, is the formation of blood clots in the circulatory system. Although there are numerous factors that contribute to normal blood coagulation, two processes are very important. They are the thrombin cascade and the plasmin/plasminogen/PAI-1 system. 
How do Plasmin, Plasminogen and PAI-1 impact coagulation?
Plasminogen is an inert enzyme in the blood that does not directly effect blood coagulation. It requires a material called t-PA, Tissue Plasmin Activator, to change it to an active form named plasmin that breaks apart blood clots. However, another agent in the blood, PAI-1, Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor, reduces the ability of t-PA to change plasminogen into plasmin. Studies show that PAI-1 promotes blood clot formation and prevents blood clots from dissolving. Elevated PAI-1 levels are associated with increased risk of myocardial infarction and/or heart attack. Therefore to reduce the formation of blood clots, it is desired to reduce the amount of PAI-1 and increase the level of t-PA. 


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Plasmanex1 60 VCaps Daiwa
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