Pure Essence Stress Support System 60 Tablets

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Pure Essence Stress Support System 60 Tablets

With its extracts of Magnolia and Zizyphus seeds, Pure Essence Labs Stress 4 Way Support System works very quickly to restore a sense of calm. But, Pure Essence Labs Stress 4 Way Support System also provides factors that strengthen the Heart and Liver Systems, and that clear liver congestion. Because of this, Pure Essence Labs Stress 4 Way Support System helps you make "molehills out of mountains," so that every stressful event passes more easily. For many years, stress supplements have been little more than herbal sedatives. While such products help us calm down, they do not address the imbalances that cause us to experience extreme reactions to stressful events in the first place. Unless these imbalances are resolved, they can lead to many severe health challenges. Holistic medical systems teach that extreme stress grows out of congestion in the liver. This congestion causes excess heat to accumulate in this organ. Eventually, this heat erupts upwards, affecting the gall bladder and inhibiting digestion. As the heat moves through what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the "Heart System," it leads to agitation, which causes extreme reactions to stressful events.

Features & Benefits:
Magnolia Bark - Magnolia bark is rich in honokiol, which is thought to contribute to the primary anti-stress and cortisol-lowering effects of the plant.
Organic Spirulina & Barley Grass juice - A rich, natural source of B-Complex vitamins that are readily depleted by stress.
Zizyphus Seed - Has calming effects.
Hydrolyzed Pearl - Used for centuries to stabilize emotions.
Ashwagandha - Also known as “Indian Ginseng” and used as an adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stressful situations.
Rhodiola Rosea - Categorized as an adaptogen by Russian researchers to help the body adapt to stressful situations.
Bupleurum Root - Used to relieve muscle tension.
Polygala Tenuifolia Root - A Chinese herb known for its calming effects on the body.
Dong Quai Root - Helps soothe the nerves and has a mild calming effect.
Scutellaria Root - Known for having relaxing properties.
White Peony Root - Helps relax muscles.
White Atractylodes Root - In traditional Chinese medicine, white atractylodes are used as a Qi (chee) tonic to support mental fatigue.
Poria Cocos Herb - Chinese heart tonic that helps regulate mood.
Fresh Ginger Root - Soothing to the digestive system which can become inflamed during stress.
Jujube Date - Used in Chinese and Korean traditional medicine to alleviate stress.
Rehmannia Root - Used in traditional Chinese medicine to support the kidney system, which controls the adrenal glands and helps regulate stress.
Schizandra Fruit - An adaptogenic berry traditionally used for enhancing the energy of the kidney and liver.
Gynostemma Herb - Frequently referred to as “Southern Ginseng” due to its adaptogenic properties, which helps the body adapt to stressful situations.
Codonopsis Root - Used as a Qi (chee) tonic to support mental fatigue.
Eleutherococcus Root - Also known as “Siberian” ginseng and used as an adaptogen which helps the body adapt to stress.
Phellodendron Bark - Soothing to the digestive system which can become inflamed during stres:" ":ng>The Whole Food Revolution
Pure Essence Laboratories, Inc., is the result of over 50 years experience in designing the world's finest dietary supplements. In 1980, Jery Cochern and Pat Bailey established a small company to distribute the SuperFood known as Spirulina. A few years later, they started a larger firm to offer not only pure Spirulina, but complex formulations that were based in Spirulina, Barley Grass and other SuperFoods. These products were the industry's first Food-Based supplements. Food-Based has stood the test of time because whole food nutrition makes a difference you can actually feel. Whole food nutrition outperforms isolated nutrients for two reasons. First, whole foods contain nutrients in the exact forms and balance as they exist in nature. This gives cells the raw materials and catalysts they need to function. Second, whole foods are the only way to obtain the phyto-nutrients that protect cells from the damage caused by free radical oxidation, glycation, etc.


Pure Essence Stress Support System 60 Tablets



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Pure Essence Stress Support System 60 Tablets
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